Brands And Friends

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is the passion for attention to detail and the urge to create something out of the ordinary. The spirit of the brand expresses the love for life and freedom. Wearing the design of Alpha Industries is the statement for reclined and passionate living combined with the understatement of an explicit attitude.

Lola James Harper

Amenities of Lola James Harper are memories, created as unique fragrances with an attitude. Touching all your senses, Lola James Harper will give you a peek of travelling the globe, living in an open minded state of arts and exploring all facettes of capturing happiness.


Heroina is a Spanish handcraft from Málaga, Costa del Sol. Produced in micro-production and with infinite patience, finest Andalusian olives transform to the absolute incomparable oil. Once dipped in bread and salt, Heroina is an everlasting love.


Made in Italy – Gentlemen Style. Manufacturing a varied range of knives, Tecnocut has established itself as a producer of cuts with the most exclusive standards. Tradition, progress and passion are the ingredients for each characteristic knife of the brand.


With the French Art of handcraft from 1872, Dupont creates unique precision work. Goldsmith and advanced technology are combined in every single product. The extraordinary design emphasis Dupont’s power, quality and claim to develop highest creations.


The institutional jewellery design from Frankfurt. With a selected amount of pieces, Schillers stands out with its progressive style full of contrasts. Being loud, but charming at the same time, all products of the brand show up as an inspiration for modern aesthetes.

Kriss & Jules

In the midst of the peaceful atmosphere of Bali, Julien’s creativity couldn’t be restrained. While relaxing by the beach, Christian and Julien dreamt of entering the fashion industry. It sounded quite idealistic since many young people dream of taking a share in the world of fashion.Since quality has always been essential to them, each piece is unique and handcrafted with love, guaranteeing the exclusivity of each collection. Different stones, silver, gold, and threads are used from all over the world, which gives each bracelet a unique story and inspiration.

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